Yoga Plus is a place for relaxation, enjoyment, discovery and personal growth. We offer both one and two week vacations. Although two weeks is the ideal amount of time to take full advantage of what Yoga Plus has to offer, if you can only manage one week then you will still benefit. Offering Ashtanga Yoga plus other body and mind related disciplines, it is set in one of the most dramatically beautiful and unspoiled spots on earth. Nestled into the bay of Agios Pavlos, our regulars regard Yoga Plus as a very special place. The bay and beyond are eminently explorable, with interesting rock formations and caves. There are miles of sandy beaches to walk along, with the promise of a taverna never too far away. Unmarked trails wind up to mountainous lookout spots. While the bay itself is generally sheltered and calm, the place is often described as elemental and the sometimes crazy winds take your breath away, while the waves curl or crash against the beaches. However, they die down as quickly as they arise so you don't have to wait long for the normal, gentle breezes to resume.
with Radha & Pierre

VERONA, January 15th - 17th
Contact Anna: annaashtanga@katamail.com
all levels welcome
February 27th - March 1st
Contact Elfi: elflagou@hotmail.com
BARCELONA, SPAIN Nov 26th - 29th 2009
contact: Elena info@ashtangayogabcn.com
2010, LUDLOW, ENGLAND, a Residential weekend
from Fri March 19 - Mon March 22
contact: richard.maddicott@googlemail.com
ASTURIAS, SPAIN Tue March 23 - Thur March 25
contact Luisa: nefertarisheres@yahoo.com

Please email: info@yogaplus.co.uk

The quality of teaching and the stunning environment are just some of the reasons to enjoy the Yoga Plus experience.
Yoga novice or experienced practitioner, the teachers will guide and assist you. Yoga Plus has become multi cultural and multi-lingual with all nationalities coming together to share the same experiences.The whole concept of Yoga Plus is to be completely unpressured and to provide the opportunity for you to relax and discover your potential. It is rewarding to see any stresses and tension melt away over the course of a Yoga Plus holiday.
We should also mention that, once here, there is very little to spend your euros on apart from sun beds, drinks at the taverna or a massage if you feel like it. All your meals and drinks are provided so you can truly relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of the surrounding nature.
what our guests say:
http://yogadiva.co.uk/ashtanga-yoga-crete/ read Victoria's thoughts on her stay at Yoga Plus
Gill & Mike Foley "Yoga Plus is one of those few places to which you return each year because of its unique blend of rugged beauty, convivial company, . . . read more
Yvonna Demczynska "Yoga Plus is a true retreat from my urban pace of life. It provides nourishment both for the body and soul in the most tranquil and beautiful surroundings. . . . read more
Sue Stephenson "Yoga plus is somewhere to relax and unwind in a friendly, stress free environment. . . . read more
Corinna Fussbach "Yoga Plus Urlaub ist für mich der perfekte Urlaub: mein geliebtes Ashtanga Yoga mit Radha und Pierre als Herzstück mit vielen  netten Menschen auf unterschiedlichen Yoga Leveln, immer inspirierend, ebenso die zusätzlichen Angebote(Art!) , die ich je nach Lust und Laune besuchen kann. . . . read more
Mathilde Kummerman. "En juillet 2004, avec un couple d'amies anglaises, mon mari et moi avons passé quinze jours pour une session de yoga et salsa à Yogaplus. Nous avons tellement aimé le yoga avec Radha et Pierre, l'ambiance, les participants, . . . read more
Dominique Prewitt"As the name suggests Yoga plus is much more than a high-quality ashtanga yoga retreat with fantastic food in an incredibly beautiful setting. Here you have the complete freedom to fill the day with one pleasure after another, or do absolutely nothing. . . . read more

To read an interview with Radha - http://www.Leyogashop.com/blogs/lejournal/7280228-radha-s-truth-search
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